Why Cruise

Why Cruise? Vacations can be exhausting. Flights, hotels, need to be booked. Itineraries planned. And then there's the airport. Checking in, hauling carry on and kids through security, removing shoes and belts, taking laptops out of bags, and then repacking everything as the business travelers wait impatiently in line behind you. Next comes the flight. You're crammed into a small space in an uncomfortable seat, forced to deal with rude passengers who recline their seat into your lap without notice. Lastly you have the pushing as everyone tries to get off the plane at once and the long wait for your baggage, followed by the desperate search for a taxi. Finally, you arrive at your hotel exhausted, jet lagged and starving. Happy holidays (not)!

What if there was a better way?

Here are the top five reasons how a cruise will make your vacations, really a vacation:


Everything you need (and want) is close by, but not too close.
Every day you're treated to a different show, the gourmet cuisine is delicious, and the children are having fun in the kids' club while you relax by the pool. You only unpack once, and every morning you wake up somewhere new, you can choose to either stay onboard and enjoy the ship facilities, or explore your current port. The choice is yours!


Service fit for royalty.
Imagine sitting down at your dinner table and your favorite drink is waiting for you. Then you head back to your room where the bed has been turned down for you. Every night you’re living the best life. The friendly cruise staff are there to cater to your whims, whether you’re booking tours for each destination, looking for above and beyond service, or just need directions to the late-night buffet.

This ain’t the Love Boat.
Cruising has come a long way since the 70’s. Rock climbing, surfing, zip lining, full-service spas, night clubs, even movie theaters are waiting for you on today’s ships. Gourmet food, top of the line amenities, start of the art technology, are waiting for you aboard.   


Want a quick cruise to the Caribbean? You can do that. Want a cruise that goes all around the world? You can do that, too. Want a cruise that goes absolutely nowhere? Yep, you can even do that. There are more cruise ships in more ports than ever before. If you can dream it, you can probably find it. Spa cruises, river cruises, small ship cruises to Antarctica. Yeah, we’ve got it all.


Price point.
Math time. Take the price of your hotel. Add it to the cost of transportation to get there. Now add how much food for each person is going to cost. Don’t forget entertainment and activities. Now make sure to add some money for incidentals. Adds up, doesn’t it. With a cruise, you pay one fee and your hotel, food, transportation from port to port, activities, and more are included. How’d you like to leave your vacation with no bill? Plus many of the major cruise lines offer very competitive pricing (an extra win for you)!